Dave Powers

I create things with words and/or code.


Here are some projects that I’ve worked on that I’d like to share. I’ll provide a link to a published version, and include source code when available along with some background information. Sorted by primary technology/framework.

  • Rails

    • Homefindify - This project was worked on with Acquisition Sciences as a real estate lead generation application focusing on the Denver, CO area. I helped to develop it from the ground up, working along with one designer. Having the freedom to make infrastructure decisions along the way was a valuable learning experience.

    • SpotCheck, (source) - SpotCheck was developed during my time at Launch Academy. It was birthed out of my experiences previously working in video post-production, where I found the back-and-forth revision process over email to be rather inefficient.

    • Estimation Station, (source) - My first completed Rails app. The idea came from a family holiday tradition of each guest bringing a jar filled with some item, and others guessing the quantity. I didn’t like sorting the guesses, so I made this tool to do the work for me.

  • Sinatra

  • Gem

    • Divvy Up, (source) - A utility to split up a list of items (with their prices) into roughly equal subtotals. Used personally to split up a grocery shopping list with roommates so we each pay close to the same amount for shared items.

    • MusicGraph, (source) - An API wrapper to interact with the MusicGraph web service and access their music intelligence data.

    • Keno, (source) - A basic gem, which generates winning numbers for a game of Keno. Created to teach myself the process for building a gem. Planning to expand the functionality in future versions.

  • Script

    • Bing Auto Search, (source) - A small script to generate a number of random searches based on command line input.

    • Rails App Template, (source) - This script generates a Rails application with my preferred customizations for easy set up for new projects. README has links to articles for creating your own.