Dave Powers

I create things with words and/or code.


portrait Hello, world! My name is Dave Powers, and I’m a web developer.

I’ve always had an interest in technology. After beginning to teach myself programming online, I decided to attend Launch Academy to fully immerse myself in a learning environment surrounded by others working to become web developers.

The ability to always learn something new is one thing that keeps me attracted to programming. I’m always trying to “level up” as a developer.

Right now, I most often use Ruby, and typically work in the Rails framework. I love the open-source community, and contribute when/what I can (I even have some [minor] contributions to the Rails docs).

My public code is available on GitHub. To see deployed finished products, check out the Projects section on this site, where I’ve highlighted more substantial works.

You can check out my LinkedIn profile to see what I’ve been up to lately. Feel free to “connect” with me if we’ve communicated in some way (so that I know who you are). I accept any and all endorsements.

For a delightful mix of technology and humor, follow me on Twitter. My tweeting methodology is “quality over quantity.”